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Where the spirit leads the feet will follow.
Down distant paths for unmapped miles.
Heads forget but hearts remember:
The art of living knows no bounds.

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"The best way out is always through" - Robert Frost

Sunday, December 31, 2017

* 2017 In Review

"A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to it's old dimensions."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Another marvelous, wicked, wild, romantic, and cockeyed year! It isn't over yet, but it has been an amazing journey of adventure.

We started out slow in January and February as far as getting out, but spent those two months working on home projects and consolidating/downsizing a few aspects of our lives that were needed. The 2016/2017 Winter was a long and cold one in Northern California, so it was the right time to take on those projects.

When March/April arrived, the home and yard were cleaned up (well...relatively speaking), the gear was cleaned, packed and ready, and the calendar was filling up. Southeastern Oregon was on the radar for 2017, so we opted out of Utah and Nevada trips to spend time exploring the beautiful high deserts of the Owyhee Canyonlands, and the Steens Mountain/Alvord Desert/Hart Mountain areas. This part of Oregon is remote, harsh, and beautiful, and we look forward to going back to dig deeper into that seldom seen part of the state.

For complete pictures of our outings for each month you can check out the Blog Archivers in the right hand column on the home page.

Let's get started...

Summit of Old Dad Mountain in the Mojave Desert on New Years Day 2017. Dirtbag Desert Holiday #2 trip with the California Peaks Meetup group.

Building racks in the workshop to consolidate "stuff" and get rid of our rented storage shed.

Hiking the Mendocino Coast on the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands at Point Arena, California.

Paddling at Trinidad during the 2017 Explore North Coast "Thingy" sea kayaking get together.

The Owyhee Canyonlands of Southeastern Oregon. Succor Creek Canyon.

Paddling the Salt River Slough in Humboldt County's Eel River Estuary with Explore North Coast paddling club.

Back to South Eastern Oregon. The Steens Mountain with the Alvord Desert beyond. Amazing!!

More Humboldt County! Playing in the surf at Moonstone Beach with the fine folks at Explore North Coast sea kayaking Club.

More stellar sea kayaking on the Trinidad Coast.

On a trip to Humboldt County, we got in a beautiful hike at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park with our friend Ed S. If you have never hiked in this area, you should plan a trip. The redwoods are spectacular!

We spent Thanksgiving 2017 camping and caving at Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California. 


New Year's Eve Weekend In Trinidad
Maple Creek on Big Lagoon paddle
Fern Canyon/Gold Bluff Hike
Ocean paddle at Trinidad 
New Year's Eve ocean night paddle at Trinidad

* Around Camp At Trinidad

* New Year's Eve Paddle

A great end to 2017. Drinking champagne, in our kayaks, on the ocean, in the dark, with a full moon overhead.

From Trinidad Harbor, out to open ocean to Flatiron Rock, over to Pilot Rock for champagne, then back in.

Happy New Year!

* Sunday Morning Worship At Trinidad

Saturday, December 30, 2017