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Where the spirit leads the feet will follow.
Down distant paths for unmapped miles.
Heads forget but hearts remember:
The art of living knows no bounds.

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"The best way out is always through" - Robert Frost

Monday, July 25, 2011

* Trinity Alps Backpacking

July 21 - 24
A four days, three nights trip up the Stuart Fork into the Trinity Alps Wilderness with Tom, Kevin and Patrick.

Preparing at the Bridge Camp Trailhead.

Patrick anxious to get going.

The Stuart Fork of the Trinity just up from the trailhead.

Looking into the wilderness.

Getting a bridge picture for the Capture California Game.

Patrick contemplating a lunch break at the Salt Creek crossing.

The peaks above Morris Meadow come into view.

Another bridge.

Crossing Morris Meadow where we ended up camping two nights.

Looking up from my tent sight.

Kevin filters water at camp.

I took a hike back into the meadow early on the second morning to watch the sun rise over the peaks.

Morris Meadow at sunrise.

We hiked up canyon on day two for an attempt at Morris lake.Wild flowers along the trail.

Granite above the rail on the way up to Emerald Lake.

Meadow below Sawtooth Ridge.

Looking up canyon at the Sawtooth Ridge.

A lot of waterfalls from the melting snow.

The old dam @ Emerald Lake.

Old mining equipment.

The wet side of the old dam.

Looking up into the cirque above Mirror lake.

Tom and Patrick off route above Emerald Lake. It took the a couple hours to get around/through this mess which cost us the climb up to Mirror Lake.

Old mining equipment below Sapphire lake.

Tom and Patrick still working on extracting themselves.

More waterfalls below Sapphire lake.

Looking past Sapphire lake to the Mirror Lake cirque.

Patrick and Kevin admiring Sapphire Lake.

Hiking back through Morris meadow on day three.

Tom and Patrick finding our location to identify the Alpine lake trail junction.

There it was.

The river was too high to cross...

So we spent night three camped in this beautiful spot.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

* Sea Kayaking Course

Interested in furthering my paddling skilz, I signed up for a Basic Sea Kayaking course at Tomales Bay with Blue Water Kayaking. It was just myself and one other couple, so we got plenty of instruction with the bonus of not having to spend the entire day out there to complete the course.

We started off with boat basics and the design and construction of the sea kayaks. After going over the basic paddle strokes we paddle across Tomales Bay to practice those strokes and boat control. On the other side of the bay while on the water, we learned a couple more strokes that can help in boat maneuverability and self rescue. We then paddled back across the bay using the rudders and getting a feel for how they affect boat control.

After lunch we got self rescue demonstrations on the beach and then in the water by the instructor, then headed out into open water so we could practice in real time. To my relief, self rescue and recovery isn't as difficult as it first appears.

I had a fantastic time!

A pano of the Blue Water Kayaking shed and an oyster company that shares the same dock.
Looking out to the bay from Marshall, CA.

Monday, July 4, 2011

* Russian River Run - Asti to Geyserville

Marcie and I paddled from the Summer crossing @ Asti to the Geyserville bridge today in the sit-on-tops. The distance is just a little over 6 miles and took us about 2 1/2 hours. A lot of people along the river celebrating July 4th, but overall a fun float.

No pictures.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

* Sunrise Paddle @ Yorty Creek

I wanted to get out for an early paddle at Yorty Creek for a couple of reasons. 1) The early morning hours the last week or so have been spectacular with the hot weather. Bright, calm and quite. 2) Get on and off the water while normal people sleep (July 4th holiday crowd).

I was planning on hauling the kayak the short mile to the water from the locked gate. The Army Corp opens the gate at 7:00, but that's way to late. To my complete delight the gate was open when I rounded the turn at about 5:15 AM. OTW @ 5:30 AM.

The general plan was to paddle out to the main body, loop around the point and head up the Cherry Creek arm. I did exactly that and found no one on the water except a pontoon boat tied to shore with fisherman who had probably spent the night. I avoided them, they ignored me, and I continued up the arm for a short visit.

Miles: 5.5
Total Time: 03:00:00

Off the main lake body and up into Cherry Creek as the sun start it's rise over the low hills.
I'm heading for this small arm.
An Osprey warms in the morning sun.
A closer view.
Looking up the small creek arm I will explore.
A cup of hot coffee in the morning stillness.
Looking up the creek. A lot of wild pig activity in this area.
The Osprey looking me over on the paddle back.
A close up.