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Where the spirit leads the feet will follow.
Down distant paths for unmapped miles.
Heads forget but hearts remember:
The art of living knows no bounds.

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"The best way out is always through" - Robert Frost

Sunday, September 28, 2014

* Marcie's 15 minute claim to fame!

So...on the Liquid Fusion web-site, Marcie see's a purple ocean kayak for sale. She has to have it! We drive over to check it out. It's one of Liquid Fusion owner Cate Hawthorne's old personal kayaks. A 2000 Valley Avocet RM. It has a few hull scrapes and normal ware and tear (it was one of her main rock gardening boat for several years), but for a kayak that is 14 years old, it was in pretty good shape...and the price was right! We buy it. Sam was pouting because he wasn't getting another kayak, so we also pick up a 10 feet Dagger Torrent white water sit-on-top. 

We get home in the dark, so Marcie cleans the Avocet up this morning. WOW! This thing is actually in great shape! She stripped the LFK stickers off the back and scrubbed it down, and I replaced some of the tie downs and compartment hatch leashes.

This boat has some cool Mojo going from all the great outings from it's past. It might be a couple weeks before we can take her out, but we look forward to taking this old girl out (the kayak...not Marcie) and getting her back on the water, plus, Marcie is stoked to have her (2nd) purple kayak! 

Cate Hawthorne Rock Gardening in her Valley Avocet.

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